Sei V2 Public Devnet Is Live

Sei v2 Public Devnet is Live

Author: BoJack

It's been almost a week since the public devnet was launched, marking a significant milestone for the Sei ecosystem. Already, we've witnessed the birth of the first EVM devnet projects tailored for Sei, and I, for one, am itching to dive in and put them through their paces.


Sei v2 is the First Parallelized EVM chain. With the launch of a public devnet, Sei has removed barriers to entry, inviting enthusiasts to explore and test without hindrance.

What is the EVM?

The EVM (Ethereum Virtual Machine) is used to process transactions in blockchains such as Ethereum.

Every account on Sei has a unique public key, private key. In Sei V2, this public key translates into two different types of addresses:

In fact, with one private key, you gain access to two addresses – EVM (0x) and WASM (sei123) – with changes on either automatically reflected on the other.

If you deposit funds into your EVM address, you can access and use those same funds with your SEI address, and vice versa. They are linked together as one account, ensuring seamless integration between the EVM and SEI ecosystems.

Getting Started

Adding devnet arctic-1 to your Metamask wallet:

Projects Are Ready for Testing

1. Dragonswap

2. Camel Finance

  • Start test:

  • Borrow and lending protocol with which you can travel through the Sei desert.

3. Gamblino

  • Start test:

  • Gamblino is a decentralized GambleFi protocol covering crypto, sportsbook and classic games of chance.

4. Seirum

5. Belugas

6. Fluid

  • Start test:

  • Fluid is a decentralised protocol at the forefront of the Sei ecosystem based on the well known Liquity model on Ethereum.

PLEASE NOTE - these are early applications deployed on devnet. We recommend to always connect to new applications on sei devnet with a fresh Metamask wallet address, and to verify network details.

Block Explorer

A new block explorer is specially launched for devnet, where you can track your transactions:

Your Feedback Matters

If you encounter any issues or come across a bug while testing in Devnet v2, please share your feedback with us. Your input is invaluable to us!

Your feedback is greatly appreciated!

Stay connected and keep an eye on the official X account @SeiNetwork, where you can find even more information about the latest updates in the coming weeks.

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