Bridge to Sei

Bridge to Sei

Author: BoJack

  • Before bridging, please make sure that Astroport or any DEX on Sei has enough liquidity to swap your asset for $SEI.

  • Pay attention to which tokens are supported on Sei.

  • The best option is to transfer $USDC to Sei.

Step 1

Go to

  1. Connect your Sei wallet.

  2. Select a network "Ethereum" or any other from the drop-down list.

  3. Connect your "Metamask" wallet.

Step 2

  1. Select USDC from the drop-down list.

  2. Enter the amount.

  3. Click autofill and compare to your Sei address!

  4. Click on "Bridge to Sei".

After that, click on "View bridge progress"

Step 3

Congratulations! All that remains is to wait for the transaction to be completed.

After that

Head to and swap USDC.eth to $SEI.

You can also use the methods below to fund your wallet:

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