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Author: Nikola Madjarevic

Seiyanization was born as a response to the complexities of the Sei ecosystem, aimed at simplifying access to many information spread across multiple online sources. Our platform is designed to serve both technical experts and non-technical enthusiasts, ensuring that the SeiNetwork ecosystem is approachable and understandable to all. It is meant to be completely driven by community, where anyone should be incentivized to publish some of the guides, project research, or any other kind of article which can be helpful to others as well.

What Seiyanization offers? - "AWS of Information for SEI"

Seiyanization should speed up onboarding and understanding SEI Ecosystem, as well as allowing users to easily access / find anything they might need to know. Some of the things to highlight

  • Get access to research driven by independent community members
  • Jobs currently active in SEI Ecosystem
  • Most relevant videos, upfront filtered for your needs.
  • Guides & How to's.
  • Code examples

To be continued...

Who's building Seiyanization?

Seiyanization is being built by NIMA Enterprises team, and some of the members will actively participate in managing plaftorm and onboarding users in the early days. Idea is to let it be completely community driven as soon as everything gets stabilized enough.

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