How to Transfer an NFT in Compass Wallet

How to Transfer an NFT in Compass Wallet

Author: Bobini

Welcome to our comprehensive guide, designed to facilitate a seamless and secure transaction process. In this document, we will walk you through each step, ensuring that your transaction is not only successful but also verifiable. We emphasize the importance of the transaction ID, a crucial element that serves as your receipt and confirmation. This guide aims to provide clarity and confidence as you engage in transactions, empowering you with the knowledge and tools for successful completion and verification.

The First step:

  • Click on the NFT tab in your compass wallet


  • Select the NFT you wish to transfer by clicking on it. Then, direct your attention to the area indicated by the red arrow and click on the 'Send' option located beneath it


  • Kindly enter the wallet address where the NFT is to be sent in the specified recipient section

Second to Last Step:

  • After carefully reviewing the recipient's wallet address provided in the designated section, please ensure its accuracy and completeness prior to initiating the transfer

Final Step:

  • Upon successful completion of the transaction, a transaction ID will be provided, which can be used to verify and confirm the transaction. This ID is linkable, allowing for easy access to detailed transaction information

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